Who actively consider themselves addicted to their smartphone

% of College Students


# of Auto Crashes

Annually due to smartphone usage while operating a vehicle

1.6 million

Each year by distracted employees across America

$ Amount Lost 

650 billion

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Smartphone Addicted

Is Your Smartphone Giving You a Bad Attitude?

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Do you get upset when people don't answer your call? I know in today's Day and age, a lot of people don't like to answer their phones, even though they have them in their pockets. Does it bother you when you call someone, and it goes to voicemail?

Do you get anxious from frequently or constantly checking your email and TXT messages? Do you sit there pressing refresh, refresh, refresh, and is that making you anxious?

Do you experience anxiety when someone doesn't immediately reply to your text or email messages? Are you sitting there waiting and screaming at your phone? Why aren't you answering? Why are you answering? I know you're there!

Do you negatively compare yourself to others while surfing on social media? Are you looking at their amazing vacations in Hawaii or in the Greek islands and gritting your teeth, grinding your teeth and bemoaning your mediocre existence?

Do you look through your contacts or photos and remember and refresh your bad experiences with that person? For example, I know one guy, he keeps contacts in his phone, of people who took advantage of him in business just so he can think about that lesson and never let it happen again.

Do you actively dread receiving a text or email or a call from people who are difficult? You know, you're sitting there and you're driving and you've got your phone on the seat next to you and you're thinking, Oh man, I hope he doesn't Email me. Oh, I hope he doesn't Email me. I hope he, I hope they don't TEXT me. I hope they don't Call me.

Do you have smartphone envy? Do you feel like if you only had the latest or greatest phone that your life would be better? Like right now you have an iPhone 10 but the new iPhone 11 is coming out and your life would be so much better if you had the iPhone 11 with more memory and Better Camera.

Have you embarrassed yourself or lost a relationship due to dialing or texting when you were drunk? I'll tell you what, it wouldn't happen if you didn't have the phone in your pocket when you were in the taxi or in the Uber riding home at night, wasted.

Do you torment yourself trying to take the perfect selfie? Do you retake it and retake it and retake it? And every time you take it again, it gets harder and harder to have a genuine smile because you're frustrated more and more and more that you can't get the perfect picture?

Do you ever rush to TEXT a friend and say some things about another person, maybe that you shouldn’t say, only to realize that you actually replied to a Group TEXT that the person you were complaining about was ALSO on?  

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What's My Smartphone Doing to Me?

may be giving you a bad attitude

5% of the sampled smartphone user base in the United States agreeed with 1 of these questions



1 Yes?

Your Smartphone 

is probably giving you a bad attitude

9% of the sampled smartphone user base in the United States agreeed with 2 of these questions



2 Yeses?

Your Smartphone 

2 Yeses?

Your Smartphone 

is turning you into a monster

86% of the sampled smartphone user base in the United States agreed with 3 or more questions



3+ Yeses?

Your Smartphone 


# Daily Injuries


Increase in Deaths


Avg. Hours per Day


# of Emails Read per Day

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